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-- The Jewish Tradition of Charity & Tzedakah --

Jews are known to be charitable. Many are the renowned charities of the world that have their roots in the efforts of charitable-hearted Jews. Besides the many commandments in the Torah instructing us to love our fellow man and be kind to the poor in specific ways, there is also an explicit commandment to "open your hand" to the poor, to give or loan them whatever they need to keep them from poverty.  In fact, the Hebrew word for charity, "Tzedakah," means far more than just that. Charity implies kindness performed out of the goodness of one’s heart, but which is by no means obligatory. Tzedakah, on the other hand, means "doing right," implying an obligation to help others -- financially, materially, spiritually and in any way possible.

Jewish Family & Children's Service, with the support of dozens of individuals, families, Hebrew and Days Schools, synagogues and children are able to perpetuate the practice of Tzedakah by providing food, gift cards, and holiday gifts to families, individuals and the elderly in our Monmouth County Community.

Please take some time to review the many opportunities to practice Tzedakah available to you through the JF&CS, and join us in our efforts to improve the life of those living in our Monmouth County community
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