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        The Services for Holocaust Survivors are Subsidized by the                    Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program

From the Eyes of a Child of a Survivor....

Many years ago I wrote the following words into my diary on a night when my parents were having a particularly hard time coping with life. Life, not as we see it , but as seen through the eyes of Holocaust survivors. I could not comfort them that night and so I wrote this in the hope that I could absorb some of their pain, so that they might live again, not merely exist. I wanted to communicate what they could not. Since then, I have learned that words, even the words of the survivors themselves, pale when compared to the atrocities committed against them by the Nazis.

That time so long ago and yet, so near
They gassed them, beat them, melted them
Like the hot wax of a shabbos candle
The blood stained ball of each rising sun, and I,
formed only by G-d's will not word,
living only on the dreams of
the two that would conceive me,
cried out in anguish, lamented,
in my invisible, outraged soul.
For those whose earthly screams,
were forever silenced,
In a world where few can still hear
their tortured echoes.
Crimes against humanity never die,
only the victims.
And we all suffer the legacy.

No one can take away the pain of those who suffered in the Holocaust or the loved ones of those survivors who witness the effect on their family members each and everyday of their lives.

However, what JF&CS can do, is to provide small comforts and essential services such as home health aides, housekeeping, counseling and socialization services to those elderly survivors in our community. 

Through a grant from the Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and matching funds from JF&CS, we provide these services to Monmouth County survivors.  Forced to live without dignity in the early years of their lives, it is essential that they receive the help necessary to protect their dignity in the final years of their lives.  Besides physical and financial assistance, it is crucial to provide recreation such as luncheons for socialization, speakers to stimulate the mind, and entertainment to feed the soul.

If you are interested in helping JF&CS by volunteering your time to provide transportation, and assist JF&CS staff at the luncheons and programs contact: Amy Dorfman, LCSW 732-774-6886 Ext. 20.


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