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Donate Stock via Your Broker
The easiest way to donate stock to Jewish Family & Children's Service is to have your broker call our office at (732) 774-6886 Ext. 14. We will take care of all the details and send you a letter of thanks, acknowledging your contribution and to be used for tax purposes.
Please note that the value of your stock gift to us is calculated by taking the average price of the stock on the day it enters a JF&CS account.
If you maintain an investment account at the brokerage company(ies) listed below, you can make a donation to JF&CS simply by instructing your broker to transfer stock from your account to the JF&CS account. Please have your broker notify us regarding your donation so that we can properly record and recognize your gift.
If you do not maintain a brokerage account at a company listed below, please call us at 732-774-6886 (or send us an e-mail at We will give you the necessary information to pass along to your broker to complete the transfer of your stock. To accurately record receipt of your stock gift, please have your broker send us the following information:

1. Number of Shares and Name of the Stock
2. QSIP of the Stock
3. DTC Number of the institution sending the stock.

This information must be sent to us prior to making the electronic transfer of stock to JF&CS.


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