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Bequests and Planned Giving to JF&CS

One of the best ways to leave a meaningful legacy is through your will. With a will, you can assure financial security for your family, guarantee that your property distribution will be a lasting expression of your life and your personal values, remember loved ones and special friends -- and make a bequest that benefits the Jewish community for generations to come.

By making a bequest in your will to JF&CS, you can provide food for the homebound elderly and home care services, scholarships to camp for children, and funds for the many services we provide to the community without charge.

There are three types of bequests through your will:

1) A Specific Bequest - gives a specified item or piece of property to JF&CS. These bequests are filled first, before other elements of the will.

2) A Cash Bequest - provides JF&CS or a specified Agency program (services for children) with a specific sum of money from a donor's estate. These bequests are filled second.

3) A Residuary Bequest - is made from what remains in your estate after bequests, taxes, settlement costs and debts are paid.

We can help your good name to live forever. For more information on how to make a charitable bequest to JF&CS, please contact us at (732) 774-6886. Ask for the Executive Director.

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